2018: Baijing is full of vigor and vitality, releasing strong attraction at the Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition

Safety accidents caused by heavy metal foreign bodies often occur in the pharmaceutical industry. With the increasing emphasis on the quality and safety of drugs, the improvement of GMP certification requirements in the pharmaceutical industry and the enhancement of product awareness in pharmaceutical enterprises, the whole process of drug collection from raw materials to products entering the market needs to be strictly controlled.
Among them, in the process of production and processing, metal powder, particles, needle-shaped amorphous and other metal foreign bodies are often mixed into products due to equipment wear and manual negligence, which brings great harm to the safety of pharmaceutical products and causes certain losses to the reputation and interests of pharmaceutical enterprises.
With the wide application of metal detectors, pharmaceutical enterprises can effectively solve this problem. At present, high quality, high sensitivity and good stability of metal testing equipment has become the focus of the pharmaceutical industry.
June 20-22, the 13th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (P-MEC China 2018) was solemnly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition gathered a number of metal testing equipment manufacturers, including Qingdao Baijing Gold Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baijing") booth in front of the popular booth, in many metal testing machine manufacturers stand out.

Qingdao Baijing Gold Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.
The main theme of the exhibition is green, which also symbolizes the vitality of the hundred essence.
Through the exchange with the field staff, the author understands that as a pharmaceutical machinery enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales and technical services of metal testing machines, Baijing devotes itself to the field of metal testing and constantly improves and innovates the equipment, so as to meet the needs of customers and better base itself on the market. At the same time, Baijing also further communicates with customers and actively expands the market by participating in pharmaceuticals exhibition and other ways.
As an acquaintance of the Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition, Baijing has attracted the attention of many exhibitors both at home and abroad.
According to reports, Baijing's "heavy weight" products include metal testing machine, high-speed weighing scale, capsule polishing machine, top-rotating screen machine and other equipment.
Among them, Baijing metal detection machine is divided into tablet, capsule, powder and particle special two types, respectively, to achieve online metal detection and separation of corresponding materials.
The main function of Jin Chen capsule polishing machine is to realize on-line polishing and dust removal of capsules and detection of metal foreign bodies. For the current capsule production enterprises, it is a crucial testing link to achieve GMP standards and safety requirements. Baijing Jinjian Capsule Polishing Machine has high precision and efficiency, and has prominent advantages in the market competition, which is favored by customers.
Up-rotating screen machine is mainly used for on-line polishing, dust removal and lifting of tablets. It is also a necessary polishing and dust removal equipment for tablet manufacturers.
The automatic high-speed weighing scale introduced by Baijing can realize high-spee.

Good brand reputation, exquisite appearance design, exquisite internal structure, exquisite equipment parts and components are the main factors for Baijing to win customers'attention. Behind the company's success, it is inseparable from the high quality requirements of Baijie, the high pursuit of technology and the efficient service to customers.
In terms of quality, Baijing has always placed it in an important position, and its products meet the requirements of GMP. In terms of technology, Baijing has a special German engineer to carry out the whole process of technical research and development and support. By introducing advanced technology from Europe and cooperating with technical engineers at home and abroad, Baijie continuously improves and innovates its equipment on the basis of advanced technology and the actual conditions in the industry. In terms of service, Baijie has been following the tenet of "quality first, customer first" since its establishment, and strives to contribute to the safety development of the pharmaceutical industry.
At the exhibition site, Baijie's staff in front of the booth also had patient exchanges with overseas exhibitors at home, and they have gained a lot from both sales and customers. For the future development of Baijing, the booth manager said that Baijing's pursuit of "perfection" is endless, and will continue to introduce advanced technology, excellent performance and stable quality equipment to customers. Please look forward to the new and old customers!